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specification Working temperature Packaging Working voltage The output current Function description Available
HZ-312C -40~125°C SIP 4pins 0~3V 0~17mA InAs high sensitivity hall element 10000
HG-186A -40~125°C SOT343 0~8V 0~18mA linear hall element 100000
AK8973-L -40~85°C 4-lead sot 2.5~3.6V 0~10mA 100000
EW-463 -30~115°C SOT-23 2.5~5.5V 0~15mA Motor, position detection, stage lighting, air conditioning, motor, speed and RPM sensor (vehicle speed meter, speed detection), hall proximity switch sensor (contactless switch, single switch) 100000
EM-6781 -30~85°C SOT-23 1.6~5.5V 0~0.5mA Control of cd-rom drive, CPU fan, household appliances, automotive equipment and automatic switch mobiles phones screen of the electric motor 100000
EW-453 -30~115°C SOT-23 2.5~5.5V 15mA 100000
HW-105A -40~110°C SOT-4 168mV~274mV 10mA Brushless motor position detection, current sensor 300000
HG-362A  -40~125℃ DIP-4 78mV~102mV 10mA Civil electrical appliance, office automation, automotive, medical equipment etc. 20000
EW-460 -30~115°C SOT-3 4.5V~18V 10mA Automatic mahjong machine, solar water heater, brushless motor
HG-166A -40~125℃ SOT-4 78mV~102mV 10mA Ignition device, speed, speed sensor, position sensor 32000
HG-106C  -40~125℃ SOT-4 55mV~75mV 10mA Open loop current sensor, multimeter, AC clamp on flow table 10000
HG-106A -40~125℃ SOT-4 75mV~95mV 10mA The measurement of magnetic, electric current sensor multimeter 16000
HW-322B -40~110℃ 4-SIP 0~1V 0~20mA Brushless motor, current sensor, automobiles igniter 10000
HW-302B  -40~110℃ DIP-4 0~1V 0~20mA current sensor 100000
HW-300B -40~110℃ DIP-4 0~1V 0~20mA Brushless motor, camera, printer copier 100000


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